Monday, 15 September 2008

Reference and pointers

Well unfortunately I've hit a small snag in the short term of this plan. I've posted previously elsewhere about having to maintain a C++ application where I work, so far I've been able to get away with the rather rusty skill-set I currently have but now I have to make some fairly substantial changes to the code (something I was told would never happen, I should have figured something was wrong at that point).

So I need to move away from the Python and Mono plan temporarily and go back in time a bit and get to grips with C++ again. But why not turn this into an opportunity, at the very least it's an extra line on my CV, more importantly though it's an extra weapon in my programming arsenal (I say arsenal, it's really more a pile of rocks and a sling) which will allow me to contribute to a wider range of applications. A lot of programs written for Linux are admittedly either C, Python or Java but there are other projects out there, the Syllable operating system for instance is written entirely in C++ so there is an opportunity to do some good there perhaps.

Needles to say that I will be keeping up some Python whilst I'm going through this otherwise I'll probably end up starting over again, but for a short while my attention is unfortunately going to be on C++. Stay tuned though as you never know where inspiration may strike.