Sunday, 12 October 2008

Still ongoing...

Well having recently had a holiday and having made some time to do some odd jobs around the place my pace of development has dropped. I've had some time to look around at a few books for C++ and have downloaded a copy of "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist". I think for the time being I'll be looking through this until I can purchase a book of my choosing, for some reason I still like books in dead tree format although as soon as devices like the BeBook become more affordable I may consider getting one of them instead.

Currently I'm looking at getting a Sam's teach yourself in one hour a day book but I've never used one of their books before normally preferring instead to go for something from O'Reilly or Apress. It's quite amazing how we can grow accustomed to and even develop a preference for a particular publisher.

In the mean time I've just received my next copy of Linux Format and there is another PyGame tutorial in there so I'll probably dive into that at some point in the very near future.