Sunday, 16 November 2008

Best laid plans and all that

So I mentioned previously the books I was looking at and I can inform you that I ended up with none of them! Whilst I was looking around we ended up going on holiday and I spent all of that lovely book money on wasteful stuff like having fun, what was I thinking. So to keep me going I started looking at a site run by a guy called Alex called Learn C++ which is not only informative but well written and I reckon is a good place to head over to whether you're an experienced programmer or complete novice.

Anyway in the end I picked up a book from Amazon as a reference by someone called Bjarne Stroustrup who happened to create the C++ language so I figured he must know what he's talking about. The book is called The C++ Programming Language: Third Edition, it was published a few years ago now but not a lot has changed really since. I haven't had a proper look through yet but when I do I'll let you know what it's like, currently I'm still working through the Learn C++ site.

The Python stuff has unfortunately taken a bit of back seat, I still haven't had a chance to work through the latest game in Linux Format as things have been busy and it's taking enough effort to fit in the C++ around it all. But hopefully as we get towards christmas things will quieten down a little and I can get back into it again.

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