Sunday, 22 March 2009

What a Git!

Unfortunately I've not been able to do much with my mono algorithm project lately since publishing the first piece of code which is a shame, the plan though is to start implementing different algorithms starting with some from the C++ STL library. I don't really have a plan yet of which ones so it will most likely be which ever ones interest me and which I'd like to learn more about such as binary searching and various sorting algorithms.

One thing this has prompted though is version control, and I now realise that I really don't know enough about them. Historically I've been use to commercial systems with nice UI's letting me point-and-click for what I want to do. Now however I've got to think about working (possibly) with more people spread over a larger area and not the few guys sat around me. Because I went with Google Code in the end I've restricted myself to Subversion which isn't to bad as I have at least a little experience with CVS but I still could really do with learning the basics again.

I am a little disappointed however as I've recently been reading about using distributed version control systems such as Git and Bazaar which I really love the idea of using. One of the things I really like is having local branches to work on which have no impact on other peoples work unless they start viewing my repositories. The advantage of this has become clear lately at work where a few of us are working on a project where each section is being developed in a seperate branch in CVS, the problem here is the proliferation of branches and keeping track of them. In a distributed world we would all work independently of each others branches and then commit our changes to a main repository which would hold the final code base.

Anyway, I'll need to pick up Subversion soon but I think I'll be investigating the distributed systems as well as I think that they are the way forward.

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