Sunday, 1 February 2009

Unexpected Surprise

Have you ever been surprised by someone who bought you something completely unexpected? Something which they would not normally get for you as it's uncharacteristic of them?

Well during my recent birthday I got a note through the door whilst I was out from the Royal Mail saying that they had tried to deliver a package but of course no-one was home. So later that day I headed down to the delivery office and picked it up and one top of the items in the box was an Amazon note and a message from my Dad wishing me a happy birthday. Now in the box was one book which really took me by surprise, he'd gone and bought me "Beginning Game Development with Python and PyGame"! To say I was bowled over would be an understatement.

My dad was the person who initially got me into programming, he insisted when I got my first computer that I learn to use it properly and it not be used only for gaming. Whilst I'm sure he meant that I should learn how to write documents and edit graphics with it instead of hacking around with code he encouraged me to continue anyway, but never actually as far as buying me a programming book so this is a first. I know he bought it from my Amazon Wish List but there were other books on there along with music and DVD's so the fact he bought this one is incredible. I'm fairly sure he's not following this blog either as usually just turning a computer on is enough to get him fed up with using them so the idea he spends time browsing the web and reading a blog of mine dedicated to programming is slightly more than unlikely.

But anyway I thought I'd mention as the book is likely to drive some further posts to here and I'll write up a review on the book when I get somewhere useful with it.

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